If you are concerned about your child’s behaviour and development, I know that you may
feel stressed, anxious and alone. I am here for you.

I have 28 years’ experience supporting children and parents with issues regarding
behaviour and development.

Many of the parents I work with are either on a waiting list to access specialist support for
their child or are still struggling after they have received support.

Working via video call I will gather information about your concerns, your family life and
what brings your child happiness and joy.

I will then provide a detailed, bespoke report offering comprehensive strategies and  advice about how to help your child's very specific needs which could be related to their behaviour, learning, development or well-being.

I also have a wealth of knowledge about which other services may be able to offer you and your child some support.

Positive change often begins with small steps and simple changes to routine and
parenting techniques.

My methods are designed to support, not overwhelm, and always
aim to see the issue, and the world, from the perspective of the child as well as the

Call or email now for a free 10 minute consultation,
to discuss your concerns about your child.
07746 756871  or email : enquiries@thechildsperspective.co.uk.


call 07746 756871 for a free 10 minute consultation to discuss your concerns about your child

"I have always held an innate passion for the development, play and learning of very young children".

The Child's Perspective was set up by Carolyn Maxwell in 2022, to offer support and guidance to families of children from birth to age 11 years.

Call now on 07746 756871 for a free 10-minute consultation, to discuss your concerns about a child. Or email enquiries@thechildsperspective.co.uk.

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