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It’s transition time already!

It’s transition time already! Is your child visiting their new class, teacher or school this week?
Most children are exceptionally resilient. It’s us adults who worry for them! Try to help them through this exciting but challenging time by being as open and supportive as possible with your child.
They may be worried about an issue that hadn’t even occurred to you!
I am currently involved in transition meetings every day-supporting children and families to make the transition to school. I hope I can help your child and your family.
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Why has my child’s behaviour got worse lately?

Why has my child’s behaviour got worse lately?
Possible things to think about:
1) It’s been very hot weather and many of us are “hot and bothered.”
2) Schools are very busy at this time of year with events happening every day-sports day, parties, trips, meetings etc. Many children are out of their normal routine.
3) Our children (and their teachers) are very tired.
4) Many of them understand that they are facing a big transition sometime very soon.
5) Other children “get on their nerves” after having seen them nearly every school day for a whole year!
6) Children can get bored or ‘over familiar’ with a particular adult.
7) Children can ‘grow out of’ the phase of education that they are in and it becomes really apparent in the final half term.
ūüėé Some children are expecting results soon……
It’s tough for our children at this time of year.
Child behaviour is my specialism! Get in touch to chat through your worries about your child.
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Why is my child refusing to go to school?

Children refuse to attend school for all sorts of reasons. They are usually related to an event (or series of events) in school, that have led to the taking control of the situation themselves and expressing their feelings by wanting to avoid the source of the difficulty.
I would advise you to talk to the school, as priority (without betraying whatever your child has confided in you). Explain the difficulties you are having and ask them to help you. Schools have access to a wealth of support including counselling support , school nurses and family support workers.
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Is my child being bullied?

Is my child being bullied? Bullying is a serious issue and schools are now very well equipped to support children who are experiencing bullying. The first step, when your child tells you about bullying is to listen-really listen. Have a read of this article on listening, by young minds. It’s really thought provoking….



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Why does my child swear?

Why does my child swear? Many children learn swear words in the same way that they develop language so will pick it up from other people. The reason they keep doing it is because it has a dramatic effect on others-making it worth repeating!
My advice here then would be to tell your child “Mummy/Daddy are not listening when you use those words. We will listen next time, when you choose good words.” Also, praise them often for making good word choices and try to avoid any kind of reaction to the swearing. This may involve having to leave the room, to laugh. You have been warned!
Don’t forget that children learn by copying-so don’t be surprised when they copy something you have said when you are driving or with your friends and you think they aren’t listening!
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Does my child have an eating disorder?

Does my child have an eating disorder?

Many parents really worry about their child’s diet and eating patterns, in particular the limited range of foods a child will eat.
I would advise you discuss your concerns with the GP or Health Visitor first-they may need referring to a Dietician. In the mean time, give them what you know they will eat, until you have got some medical advice. Also, try to keep mealtimes as stress free as possible and avoid any stress or encouraging, forcing or negotiating.
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Will my child cope at school?

Will my child cope at school? Since the announcement of school places in April, many parents are concerned that their child won’t cope or is not ready.
Did you know that if your child is summer born, you can apply to delay their start into Reception? This needs to be done after you have been offered a school place and in agreement with the local authority, via admissions. This is your decision entirely-not anyone else’s.
Children do not legally have to start school until they are of statutory school age (the term after their fifth birthday).
Have a look at this…
Don’t forget-if you are worried about your child in any way-emotionally, developmentally or educationally, give me a call. We can chat your worries through for ten minutes-for free!
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When and how do I potty train my child?

When and how do I potty train my child? How will I know when my child is ready? I would recommend putting underwear under a nappy for a few days, prior to starting toilet training. Modern nappies are so efficient that our children rarely get to know how it feels to be wet.
Also, when you decide to start potty training-don’t put a nappy on at times that suit you (such as when you are going in the car). It will confuse your child. Be prepared for accidents!
Have a read of this invaluable resource from ERIC
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Will my child ever speak?

Will my child ever speak? I am asked this question several times a week. If your child is not developing language yet, the first thing to do is ask your health visitor or GP to refer them to speech and language therapy. When you are there, also ask them to arrange a hearing test for your child, just to rule out any potential hearing issues.
The first thing to work on with any child is their attention. Can you find activities to help them share their attention with you? Blowing bubbles? Singing songs? Playing tickling and chasing games? Playing peek-a-boo?
Please give me a call to chat through your child’s language delay-we can make a plan of action together!
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Does my child have anxiety?

Does my child have anxiety? Is this something you ask yourself? With all children, it’s important to listen to what they are telling you and not to respond with “It doesn’t matter” or “Try not to worry.”
Have you thought about developing a ‘Worry Box?’ where they can write or have help to write their worries down. Then post them in the box and let the child empty the box into the bin, regularly.
Check out this helpful article too…

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