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New Year, New Start!

First five parents to contact me can receive their report at half price!
Now that the Christmas holidays are over, many parents find that having spent more time with their child makes their difficulties become more obvious. Do you have a child under 11 years? Are you worried about their behaviour or development? Need advice about how to help them and who to turn to next?
I am a qualified Teacher and SENCo, with 28 years experience in helping children and their families, to get the help they need.
I can help with any of the following issues with your child:
– Behaviour issues
– Child mental health including anxiety
– Special Educational Needs
– Legislation regarding children with special educational needs
– Developmental delays
– Learning disability
– Parenting
– Problems accessing support for your child
I will spend 10 minutes having an initial discussion over the phone. I will then arrange a video call to discuss the issues around your child.
I will then write a bespoke report, specifically tailored to the needs of your child. This will include offering recommendations as well as signposting you to other professionals who may be able to help.
Please view my website below for further information:
Call now! I can’t wait to help you and your child.
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As Christmas day approaches, I think it is important for adults to be reminded about consent

As Christmas day approaches, I think it is important for adults to be reminded about consent. This is about trusting our children to decide how and with whom they will share their affection. Affection should never be forced from a child as they will learn that they cannot speak up about what happens to them when an adult approaches them.
I particularly love the final line of this article “If an adult gets offended because a child doesn’t kiss them or want to be near them, then really it’s up to the adult to address these feelings of abandonment, not the child to make it better.”
Enough said.
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As an avid supporter of genuine inclusion

As an avid supporter of genuine inclusion, I am so delighted that people like Rob Burrow, Alex Brooker and Liz Carr are appearing on Cbeebies bedtime stories. It is so important for our children so learn about true inclusion, from the earliest ages. I am proud to try to learn more about each individual child, as I get to know them and their families. I have so much faith in the next generation for being better than the one that came before it, to understand difference.


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Is your child anxious about Christmas?

Christmas plays are upon us! Children are under a lot of pressure at this time of year- to dress up, to learn words, to attend parties, to have a different routine, to meet up with unfamiliar relatives and to be good. Not all our children are excited! For some children, this time of year can make them very anxious.
Worried about your child’s anxiety? Struggling to access support? Call me for a chat on 07746756871 or email me at
I have loads of suggestions and things you can try to help your child cope.
Have a look at this excellent article by Young Minds:
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Half term is nearly upon us!

Have a look at this brilliant app, for ideas for things to do with your child, over the holiday. It’s aimed at the under fives, but applies to children of all ages. The app can tell you what’s going on in your location.
In the meantime, please contact me if you have any concerns about your child’s behaviour or development- we all need a bit of help sometimes.
Call 07746756871 or email me at

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