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Parents often ask me why everything takes so long.
Referrals to Counsellors, Paediatricians, Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologists and CAMHS all lose valuable time for your child when you think they need help NOW!

If this is your (primary or nursery aged) child, please give me a call or drop me an email.
I can give you lots of ideas and suggestions to support your child whilst they are waiting for further assessment. Initial 10 minute chat completely free! No obligation whatsoever. Check me out here first

Now I will be waiting to hear from YOU! or 07746 756871.

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Will my child ever speak?

Will my child ever speak? I am asked this question several times a week. If your child is not developing language yet, the first thing to do is ask your health visitor or GP to refer them to speech and language therapy. When you are there, also ask them to arrange a hearing test for your child, just to rule out any potential hearing issues.
The first thing to work on with any child is their attention. Can you find activities to help them share their attention with you? Blowing bubbles? Singing songs? Playing tickling and chasing games? Playing peek-a-boo?
Please give me a call to chat through your child’s language delay-we can make a plan of action together!
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Do you think that your child may be autistic?

Do you think that your child may be autistic?
Don’t know where to start, in order to get help?
The best place to start is by asking your GP or Health Visitor to refer your child to the Community Paediatrician. Whilst you are there, also ask for a referral to Speech and Language Therapy. Our poor NHS colleagues are overwhelmed since COVID, but they are well worth the wait.
In the meantime, check out this fabulous clip called ‘Amazing Things Happen.’  
Whilst you are waiting to be seen, please give me a call- I can help you with strategies to keep your child ‘ticking over’ until they get seen. 07746756871 or email me at
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Want to learn more about the wonders of Autism?

I am privileged to have a huge amount of experience in working with children with a diagnosis or possible diagnosis of Autism.
Did it make you consider whether your nursery or primary aged child may be autistic? Want to get advice?
Please give me a call……07746756871 or email me at  #autism  #worriedaboutyourchild
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