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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sending lots of warm wishes to all my lovely families!

Is someone you love (from birth to age 12) needing some help and support with their needs, behaviour or well-being at school or home?

I am a very experienced SENCo and Advisory Teacher. Please let me know if you need my advice and support. or 07746 756871.

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Parents often ask me why everything takes so long.
Referrals to Counsellors, Paediatricians, Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologists and CAMHS all lose valuable time for your child when you think they need help NOW!

If this is your (primary or nursery aged) child, please give me a call or drop me an email.
I can give you lots of ideas and suggestions to support your child whilst they are waiting for further assessment. Initial 10 minute chat completely free! No obligation whatsoever. Check me out here first

Now I will be waiting to hear from YOU! or 07746 756871.

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Why has my child’s behaviour got worse lately?

Why has my child’s behaviour got worse lately?
Possible things to think about:
1) It’s been very hot weather and many of us are “hot and bothered.”
2) Schools are very busy at this time of year with events happening every day-sports day, parties, trips, meetings etc. Many children are out of their normal routine.
3) Our children (and their teachers) are very tired.
4) Many of them understand that they are facing a big transition sometime very soon.
5) Other children “get on their nerves” after having seen them nearly every school day for a whole year!
6) Children can get bored or ‘over familiar’ with a particular adult.
7) Children can ‘grow out of’ the phase of education that they are in and it becomes really apparent in the final half term.
😎 Some children are expecting results soon……
It’s tough for our children at this time of year.
Child behaviour is my specialism! Get in touch to chat through your worries about your child.
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Why does my child swear?

Why does my child swear? Many children learn swear words in the same way that they develop language so will pick it up from other people. The reason they keep doing it is because it has a dramatic effect on others-making it worth repeating!
My advice here then would be to tell your child “Mummy/Daddy are not listening when you use those words. We will listen next time, when you choose good words.” Also, praise them often for making good word choices and try to avoid any kind of reaction to the swearing. This may involve having to leave the room, to laugh. You have been warned!
Don’t forget that children learn by copying-so don’t be surprised when they copy something you have said when you are driving or with your friends and you think they aren’t listening!
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Do you think that your child may be autistic?

Do you think that your child may be autistic?
Don’t know where to start, in order to get help?
The best place to start is by asking your GP or Health Visitor to refer your child to the Community Paediatrician. Whilst you are there, also ask for a referral to Speech and Language Therapy. Our poor NHS colleagues are overwhelmed since COVID, but they are well worth the wait.
In the meantime, check out this fabulous clip called ‘Amazing Things Happen.’  
Whilst you are waiting to be seen, please give me a call- I can help you with strategies to keep your child ‘ticking over’ until they get seen. 07746756871 or email me at
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Lockdowns linked to 1000% rise in child sex imagery

Know what your child is watching, on the internet? This BBC article suggests a 1000% rise in child sex imagery linked to lockdowns. It’s worth checking your security settings, for sure…..
Need bespoke advice about your child from an Early Years Teacher and qualified SENCo?
Give me a call and we can have a chat on 07746756871 or email me at
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New Year, New Start!

First five parents to contact me can receive their report at half price!
Now that the Christmas holidays are over, many parents find that having spent more time with their child makes their difficulties become more obvious. Do you have a child under 11 years? Are you worried about their behaviour or development? Need advice about how to help them and who to turn to next?
I am a qualified Teacher and SENCo, with 28 years experience in helping children and their families, to get the help they need.
I can help with any of the following issues with your child:
– Behaviour issues
– Child mental health including anxiety
– Special Educational Needs
– Legislation regarding children with special educational needs
– Developmental delays
– Learning disability
– Parenting
– Problems accessing support for your child
I will spend 10 minutes having an initial discussion over the phone. I will then arrange a video call to discuss the issues around your child.
I will then write a bespoke report, specifically tailored to the needs of your child. This will include offering recommendations as well as signposting you to other professionals who may be able to help.
Please view my website below for further information:
Call now! I can’t wait to help you and your child.
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