Getting Children Moving Again

Getting Children moving again….
Evidence suggests that many of our children are getting even less opportunities for physical activity than before the pandemic.
According to this article by Max Stanford, “A myriad of evidence shows that physical activity in early childhood is critical to bodily growth and physical development. Taking part in physical activity can help to improve body control and strengthen bones and muscles.
Physical activity also has cognitive, social and other developmental benefits, with more physical activity associated with improved learning in language and maths, for example, and improved attention and concentration. There is also evidence suggesting physical activity enhances children’s socialisation, for example, making and maintaining friendships or interacting with peers, as well as improving behavioural problems.”
Worried about your child, especially as you spend more time with them over the holidays? This tends to be the time when our child’s difficulties become more apparent to us, as parents.
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Opinion: Time for action: getting children moving again

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