Is your child starting primary school in September 2024?

The deadline for applications is today!
Please go online for your own local authority and fill in the form online. Did you know….
* Put as many choices as possible on the form. Don’t just put one! If you don’t, you risk being given a school which is far away from where you live if you don’t get your first choice.
* If your child is summer born, you can apply to have their entry deferred or offset. This needs to be done via admissions, once a place has been allocated.
* If you are waiting for a place in a special school, please also complete a mainstream application as a back up. If not, the authority could consult with the nearest mainstream schools to you, without asking your preference.
* If your child has an EHCP, make sure you tell them this on the online form. This will usually help your child to be a top priority in terms of admissions.
* If there is an EHCNA request being processed for your child, put on the form that an EHCNA has been requested. It may help your child’s case….
Concerned that your child may not be school ready? Get in touch- there is lots of time to prepare your child, if you can get the help they need NOW ! or 07746 756871.

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