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Would you like to understand and help your child?

Would you like to understand and help your child? Do you need advice from someone who has expert knowledge in what your child needs to support their well-being, development or behaviour?
I will spend time talking to you first and will find out all about your child. I will then write a comprehensive and bespoke report specifically tailored to the needs of your child, with comprehensive suggestions and recommendations of ways to get them to a better place.
Many parents access my service whilst waiting-for a diagnosis, Speech and Language Therapy or CAMHS referral. I am a qualified SENCo and experienced Specialist Teacher, so what have you got to lose?
Call me for a chat first-I would love to help your child!
07746756871 or email me at
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Why has my child’s behaviour got worse lately?

Why has my child’s behaviour got worse lately?
Possible things to think about:
1) It’s been very hot weather and many of us are “hot and bothered.”
2) Schools are very busy at this time of year with events happening every day-sports day, parties, trips, meetings etc. Many children are out of their normal routine.
3) Our children (and their teachers) are very tired.
4) Many of them understand that they are facing a big transition sometime very soon.
5) Other children “get on their nerves” after having seen them nearly every school day for a whole year!
6) Children can get bored or ‘over familiar’ with a particular adult.
7) Children can ‘grow out of’ the phase of education that they are in and it becomes really apparent in the final half term.
😎 Some children are expecting results soon……
It’s tough for our children at this time of year.
Child behaviour is my specialism! Get in touch to chat through your worries about your child.
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