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Is your child struggling in Nursery or at Primary School?

Do you know about ‘Reasonable Adjustments and The Equality Act 2010?

Schools have a duty to adjust their provision in order to meet the needs of an individual child.
What Reasonable Adjustments does your child require? Can I help you to help schools to understand the needs of your child? or 07746 756871.

What are reasonable adjustments and how do they help disabled pupils at school?

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Are you worried about your child’s development?

Happy Sunday everyone!
So often, I meet parents who will share with me their worries about their child’s development.
Many will say they are not sure their worries are real, or they don’t know how to get help from other professionals.
Others say that their child is not receiving the support that they need, at school.
As an Early Years Teacher, I know that early intervention is key. Every child deserves the correct support.
Please don’t wait! I am a qualified SENCo with experience from birth through the whole primary age range.
It would be a privilege to help your child and family.
Summer holidays are the best time to get advice so that you can ensure support is in place for your child as the new school year starts.
Call me on 07746756871 or email me at
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