Will my child cope at school?

Will my child cope at school? Since the announcement of school places in April, many parents are concerned that their child won’t cope or is not ready.
Did you know that if your child is summer born, you can apply to delay their start into Reception? This needs to be done after you have been offered a school place and in agreement with the local authority, via admissions. This is your decision entirely-not anyone else’s.
Children do not legally have to start school until they are of statutory school age (the term after their fifth birthday).
Have a look at this…https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/summer-born-children-school-admission/summer-born-children-starting-school-advice-for-parents
Don’t forget-if you are worried about your child in any way-emotionally, developmentally or educationally, give me a call. We can chat your worries through for ten minutes-for free!
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